q2 2018 | summer issue

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Social Media

Focusing Facebook

What sets Facebook apart from other social media, and what are the special tactics that retailers should utilize to properly advertise on it?

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The Cult of Conversion

While conversion marketing and brand marketing are often seen as two opposing teams, they’re better seen as two sides of the same long-term strategy.

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Better Business Branding

Brand marketing isn’t just a case of throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. Instead, there’s a science to what makes a brand stick in the mind of consumers.

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Mobile Technology

Being Smart About Smartphones

When designing mobile-friendly e-commerce, starting from a philosophy that places smartphone shoppers first is a winning strategy for contemporary retailers.

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Mediated Reality

The Augmented Engagement Ring

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and holograms are three big venues for retailers looking to offer cutting-edge cool to tech-savvy younger consumers.

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Transjewelryism: The Convergence of Tech and Jewelry

The boundaries between “technology” and “aesthetics” are quickly blurring, and manufacturers are adapting technology in jewelry design in creative and surprising new ways.

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Website Development

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About E-Commerce (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Had questions about building a website for your business? Discover answers to some of the most common questions posed by retailers.

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